About Manaia Assist Disability Services

“Everyone—no matter ability or background—deserves to feel safe and successful in reaching their goals. At Manaia, we’re committed to making that happen.”
Manaia Assist

Manaia Assist’s mission is to provide high calibre, holistic, culturally sensitive person centred care driven by compassion and empathy and driven by a need to satisfy every client every time.  Our mission is to support and care for participants and families in the comfort of their own home – focusing on participant advocacy, consumer-directed self-managed care.

Our care philosophy reflects the vision, mission and values of our organisation and is a reflection of our commitment to human dignity: every human being regardless of race, gender, colour, disability and sexual orientation is sacred and deserves to be treated with dignity, empathy, compassion and utmost care.

What makes Manaia Assist different is that we believe in what we do. Our approach is summed up by our three values: Partnership, Protection and Participation. 

What You Can Expect

Our Values


In order to succeed, all stakeholders, Participants and their families are encouraged to be involved with the planning and negotiating of their cares and supports. The real scheme of partnership is to ensure that the participant and their families are working together with Manaia Assist to best meet their needs. Partnership is the core of success.


Manaia means to guard or protect, we believe that we are the protectors of the participants we service, they are in our care and we have a zero tolerance towards any type of abuse. We support participants so that they feel safe within their home, within their family and within their community. This includes providing health and wellbeing services that encompasses their mental, social, physical wholeness and culture which runs a fine line with one's spiritual essence.


Once we know a participant feels safe, and the ability to engage with appropriate activities in their home and community, then at Manaia Assist, we enjoy being creative and dreaming up innovative new programs to keep the participants we serve - active and engaged
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